Stories of Past Retreat Attendees

“This retreat has been eye opening and welcoming in a way I’ve never experienced before”

Liliana Gomez

What have you experienced from attending an Alma Luna Retreat?

“So full of love, wonderful and amazing women and new experiences. We have cried together, laughed together, and created a bond in a world where we have felt so much hurt. I will leave this retreat with a reminder of what love and hope feels like” – Liliana Gomez

“Wonderful. Fulfilling. Heart-Warming. Surprising. I stretched in more ways than one. Not just in yoga but in emotions, sharing and letting go.” – Dani Cambier

“The time at Alma Luna left me feeling lighter, more inspired in my own journey, and with a true sense of sisterhood” – Jenah Mangione

“My heart and soul are overflowing with all the love, trust, vulnerability, and true sisterhood among new friends. Steph and Kate are great at bringing women together in a safe container” – Cristina

“This weekend was really beautiful, enlightening, nourishing & informative. It was an experience I didn’t realize how much I needed” – Taylor Senske

What would you tell a woman interested in joining an Alma Luna Retreat?

“I would encourage a sister considering joining because Kate and Steph created a weekend that welcome any and all Goddesses! Although I was initially nervous, I felt so loved, supported and comfortable” – Jenah Mangione

“Sister, this is a safe space for you to find your power and space within to see your true beauty as a unique individual. We are all here to celebrate each other in all the different stages of our journey.” – Sadie Simonis

Mexico Retreat Participant – Stella, 22

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