Embodied Wisdom Mentorship

An 8-week virtual mentorship to support transforming your entire life to work for you.

Your body has all the wisdom it needs to heal…

Does this resonate?

You’re not certain what your body wants and needs, feeling disconnected to your natural flow. It’s been so long since you and your body feel as one. 



Our vision is for every woman to feel proud of their body’s wisdom. Trusting in your body’s natural state to guide you home to yourself. We support women in coming back to the natural state of their bodies and minds. Your story matters – and your inner wisdom can serve as a compass of what you’re needing. If you’re tired of the current expectations women today are facing, we want to collaborate with you to heal once and for all… and take control of your life. 

We provide accountability and support your Self-Development, Goal Achievement, Work Enhancement, self-acceptance and inner-validation.

What women experience from Alma Luna’s guidance:

  • Consistent rituals that support a deeper, more authentic relationship to heart and spirit 
  • Reframing food as medicine and feeling invigorated 
  • Empowerment to live boldly and unapologetically in alignment with true nature 
  • Finding Joy, inner peace and acceptance of life’s ebbs and flows  

“My heart and soul are overflowing with all the love, trust, vulnerability, and true sisterhood among new friends. Steph and Kate are great at bringing women together in a safe container” – Cristina

Let’s heal our relationship to our natural cycle, together!

You are not alone in this journey.

Themes we’ll explore in Embodied Wisdom 

  1. The feminine cycle of the Moon and her phases
  2. An embodiment of your inner knowing by embracing your unique story 
  3. Nutritional and Food guidance to eat seasonally
  4. Using Mother Nature’s 4 seasons for projects, goals and development

What’s Included in Your

Embodied Wisdom Mentorship: 

  • 4 one – on- one private coaching or consulting sessions 
  • 6 virtual group calls to share experiences and hold accountability during this journey 
  • Individualized recipes for each phase of the month 
  • Private online platform to share + connect with other women also transforming 
  • Personalized Astrological Birth chart reading to support the alignment of your purpose 
  • Individualized movement plan to connect your body with your heart 

As a part of Embodied Wisdom Mentorship, you will ALSO receive:

60 minute elemental Goddess yoga class 

Womb and Earth connection Meditations for morning + night

Exclusive discounts at our upcoming Retreats and Events

Lifetime access to online support group 

Meet Your Facilitators

Both Steph and Kate have been best friends for 9 years, meeting as solo female backpackers in Europe. Together, they’ve traveled journeys together both physical and spiritual as they bring a dynamic contrast of energies to the space. One of them is like the sun – fiery, passionate and lit up by the warmth, the other one like the moon – calm, intuitive, grounded into the earth. Together, the vision of forming a global sisterhood of women is in full force. Their hope is that all women know the power their body holds to heal and to guide them home.

Steph Lit

Steph has had a passion for movement & exercise since a young girl. After years of high intensity workouts, she began her deep study into the practice and philosophy of Yoga.

After more than a decade on oral birth control, Steph was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS. When her doctors gave her band-aid solutions to manage it, she discovered that food and functional nutrition addressed the root of the issue.

After healing herself naturally of excess weight, depression, infertility & irregular bleeding, Steph is on a mission to help other women put an end to painful periods!

Kate Hockett

Kate’s used the moon as her guide her whole life: the embodiment of the feminine, the reflection of it’s ever changing phases & it’s cyclical nature. She’s led women’s programs, moon circles and has committed her life to supporting women’s aligning their bodies to their inner wisdom and knowing. Kate is our resident Astrologer and Empowerment Coach in Embodied Wisdom.

Are you ready to take the next step towards embodying the true wisdom your body holds?

Let’s do this together!

Embodied Wisdom 8-week Mentorship is for you if:

  • You’re fed up with the expectations of perfection you feel as a woman 
  • You’re ready to heal, naturally, and feel in alignment in your body once & for all
  • You are curious about what foods will give you energy and balance 
  • Your heart longs to connect with the story of your body 
  • You’ve looked at the moon for years and wonder why her phases affect you so much
  • You’re disconnected, disempowered and long for self-acceptance 
  • You want to feel healthy from the inside out! 

We are NOW ENROLLING for Embodied Wisdom!


Pay in Full Sliding Scale: $750 – $1050

Payment Plans available

We also offer scholarships, if you want to join but funds are an issue, let us know!