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Meet Steph Lit + Kate Hockett

Co-Founders of Alma Luna Retreats

Kate Hockett & Steph Lit have been besties for 8 years, having met as solo women travelers backpacking through Europe. They reside in SF and Santa Cruz, and together they share a common dream of supporting women who feel fed up by the expectations imposed on them & are looking for a deeper, more authentic way to live. They both have their own unique journey of healing through Cycle Syncing and they’ve made it their mission to spread the word by building a global community of empowered women.

About Steph Lit

Steph Lit is a modern mystic & devoted teacher, combining the practice of yoga with her wisdom & personal transformation through the use of cycle syncing to help you unify in body, mind and spirit-  therefore guiding you towards the deeper alignment you are seeking. Her mission is to help you reclaim sovereignty of all the parts that make you, you- so that you can feel empowered in navigating the wild, crazy & beautiful cyclical nature of being a woman!

Steph attended UCSB where she achieved her Bachelors Degree in Sociology & Spanish. She then went on to pursue her 200 RYT, specializing in the schools of Ashtanga & Vinyasa yoga, and has been teaching group fitness for 12 years. She holds a certification in Functional Nutrition with an emphasis in female endocrinology and has committed herself to educating women on a global level about the benefits of cycle syncing, after successfully curing her PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) with this work.

Steph’s gentle (yet fierce!) approach invites all beings to move with the natural rhythm of their body and find strength by knocking down mental limitations in order to unlock their full potential. Through the use of yoga classes, workshops, moon circles and retreats, thousands have reclaimed ownership of their bodies and have come back home, to themselves.

About Kate Hockett

Kate is an experienced facilitator with a vision for the world where all women rise confidently and gracefully into their purpose. Her background has always been in spirituality, team building and event production.

Kate has facilitated over 150 women’s circles around the globe – from Guatemala, to Costa Rica, Mexico and San Francisco, she finds guidance and connection to wherever the moon leads her.

Kate’s been on the board of director for Holistic Underground, a local non-profit, for the past 4 years and has produced global events with her event production team. Starting Alma Luna is an accumuliation of service & production, a space for her to highlight all her expertise.

As an astrologer and feminine empowerment coach, Kate’s here to encourage and to gather women, forming a global web of women who love, accept and embrace their bodies and the wisdom each of them hold.