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As women, we don’t get the support we need. Our mission at Alma Luna is to provide guidance, resources, practices, & experiences that put an end to painful menstrual cycles and the frustration caused by the unrealistic expectations imposed on women . We help you uncover the root causes of your symptoms and provide guidance to organize your lifestyle based on your biology.

We offer workshops, mentorships and retreats that bring women closer to their true nature through the use of cycle syncing. We aim to embrace your journey of coming back home to yourself and feeling empowered to know what’s best for you, in all phases of life.

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What is cycle syncing?

Simply put- it’s a practice of organizing your life around your hormonal fluctuations so you can experience optimal function!

We use the moon phases, nutrition guidance, yoga, your unique story, practicing the feminine art of embodiment and evoking the power of your inner wisdom to
remember your internal rhythm and aligning with that of the natural world.

Embodied Wisdom

We offer a 8-week virtual mentorship program that includes support in transforming your entire life to work for you. You’re in control of the type of woman you want to be!

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